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Selling Your Home.

Made Simple.

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Selling Your Home.

Made Simple.

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Who are we?

Our business is all about maximizing everyone’s gain when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Whether that be short-term rentals, multifamily properties, or single-family residences.

Who are we?

Our business is all about maximizing everyone’s gain when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Whether that be short-term rentals, multifamily properties, or single-family residences.

Our Focus

Quick to Close

Our goal is to close in 14 days or less. Meaning less stress for all parties involved.

Headache-Free Passive Income

By leveraging creative financing, sellers receive cashflow for decades without ever having to deal with tenants again.

Competitive Offers

99% of the time, we’re able to beat the prices offered by traditional investors, meaning we’ll never low-ball.

Why creative finance?

Traditionally speaking, conventional financing systems present only ONE major advantage, which is an immediate payout for sellers who need the capital as soon as possible. Aside from that, working out a win-win seller financing agreement presents more advantages from practically every perspective.

Avoid Costly Capital Gains Tax

Traditional home sales require seller to pay upwards of 20% in capital gains tax. On a $500,000 home that’s roughly $100,000 immediately gone to taxes. With seller finance, we’re able to significantly reduce the amount of money paid in taxes, maximizing the amount of “take-home” money left for the sellers.

Unbeatable Purchase Prices

When a home is sold through conventional financing, most of the profit goes to the banks in the form of interest. By removing banks from the equation, and allowing the seller to carry the loan, they’re able to take home tens (if not hundreds) of thousands more, as we’re able to take a portion of what WOULD have been paid in interest, and add it to the purchase price.

The Monthly Cashflow You've Always Dreamed of...

Getting into real estate investing, most people do it for the passive income & dreams of financial independence. Typically the harsh reality of managing tenants, dealing with general maintenance (plus the occasional roof replacement) turns what should be consistent cashflow into headache riddled nightmares. With Seller Financing, you get all of the passive income benefits with ZERO property related HEADACHES!

Fast, Stress Free Closings

Selling a house is typically a LONG, drawn-out process involving what feels like an entire town worth of people to facilitate. From the appraisal coming in too low, to the bank denying the loan 36 hours before it’s set to close, it can be an exhausting process. With Seller Financing, all we need is a quick inspection and we’re clear to sign the contracts!

Flexible Loan Terms

The beauty of not having a bank telling us exactly what we need to do means we can structure the deal perfectly to fulfill everyone’s needs. For example, if the seller is looking to pull in a specific number per month, we can shorten or lengthen the loan term to accommodate their needs.

How it Works:

Are We a Good Fit?

We understand that everyone is in a different situation. First we need to determine if Seller Financing is a good fit for everyone.

Decide on Terms

Here we decide on the specific financing terms that work best for everyone. Our goal is to make selling to us a no-brainer.

Finalize Contract

Everything we do is 100% by the book. We have simple, boiler-plate contracts designed to give everyone piece of mind. 

Clear to Close

After ordering a quick and painless inspection. We’re in the clear to close and finalize the transfer of property in return for payment!

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What About Agents?

Listing agents who facilitate Seller Financing deals stand to benefit in several different ways

Give your sellers the price they want!

Traditional financing has the benefit of an immediate payout, but it comes at the cost of many low-ball offer (and huge losses due to capital gains). We can give your seller the price they deserve (which only increases your commission)

avoid a time consuming closing

Nothing is more of a time-suck to agents that a 45 day closing period, where they’re constantly stuck communicating between the many people involved in the sales process. We can close in 14 days or less, making your jobs simpler than ever.

We’ll give you a $500 bonus!

Any listing agent who helps us facilitate a seller financing deal will stand to receive a $500 bonus from our acquisition team on closing day!